Hi! I’m Lisa and I’m so glad you’re here! If you’ve ever stood with your refrigerator door wide open looking for something good to satisfy your cravings, you’ve found a friend in me! Our fridge and our life have a lot in common. Both are filled, yet we crave more. We crave meaning and purpose more than meat and potatoes. We long for more love and less leftovers. We have an urge to splurge, living a BIG, YUMMY LIFE. And sometimes we need help. Like the shelves of our fridge, our schedules become so crammed that we struggle to find what we need most. Sometimes we lose sight of those things that are best when they’re crammed behind last week’s leftovers. So if you’ve ever felt that your life and fridge is precariously poised for an avalanche, I’m in this with you, friend. Life is better when we live it together.

I invite you into my kitchen and my world!

Let’s use God’s Word to prioritize and make room for what’s most fulfilling. When we delight in Him, He gives us the very desires that make our hearts happiest. His desires complete us and satisfy our cravings so that we don’t binge on the bad leaving us fat but not full. Let’s stop wondering how delight tastes and let’s start experiencing life in all its fullness. After all, Jesus Himself said that He came that we would have life more abundantly. Together let’s say NO to DIETS that leave us spiritually skinny counting only our calories and YES to COUNTING our BLESSINGS. Gratitude makes our lives sweeter. Let’s give God all the glory and share His love like homemade chocolate chip cookies warm from the oven.

You can lick the beaters and I’ll lick the bowl. It’s a PARTY in the kitchen!

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Lisa’s Journey Forward: Nearly twenty years ago, I had a W.O.W. moment as I stood at my kitchen sink witnessing a doe and her two bouncing baby fawns. Since then, I’ve washed a lot of dishes and a lot of windows. Funny thing about dishes, windows and life, none stay spotless for long. By nature, I’m a Type A perfectionist. By grace, I’m a child of God who is still learning to savor perfect W.O.W. moments in my imperfect life.

I still hunger for wonder!

But when I crave for more than the mundane, I know where to look. I look to my Creator, Who never ceases to W.O.W. me. Through the years, He has directed my path and those of my children.Alyssa is now married to a Marine named Robert. She loves the Lord and has completed her doctorate. Who knew she would follow in my footsteps to become a pharmacist. Likewise, Garrett is bringing God glory as he works toward becoming a physician like his dad.

Dave still ministers to his patients working thirteen hour days as an internist. I look back on those early years with young children and am grateful for both fabric softener and how God softened my husband’s spirit. Like lint in the dryer, trials are ever-present, but God is faithful. For over thirty years I have worked full-time and have often felt like my schedule resembles the spin cycle. During those decades, there have been more advances in medicine than lost socks in my dryer. For all this, I am grateful.

When I was young, God called me to teach Senior High Sunday School. Twenty years later when I hit middle age, God moved me from teaching youth to teaching women. There I continue to find comfort and learn from fellow sojourners.My heart is forever stained with grape juice from my kid’s sippy cups and gratefulness for my Savior’s communion cup. His grace covers all imperfections. I look forward to the day that together we stand before our Savior clothed in Tide’s® brightest white and hear Him say as He did in Mathew 25:23:

“Well done thou good and faithful servants.”