2 thoughts on “What are you worth?

  1. kim shelton

    that’s a hard one Lisa. what I feel I’m worth and what God feels I’m worth is different. I believe God loves me and he feels I’m worth a million bucks. I feel like I’m worth about $ 1.50. God spoke to me last Saturday and I didn’t listen. In church last Sunday during communion I kneeled at the alter and prayed for him to forgive me and give me another chance. To some it would have not been a big deal but to the one God was talking about it would have made a world of difference. Lesson learned when God speaks listen


    1. rxforthesoulfulheart

      I’m so glad you know that God see’s your worth…you are worth every penny of a million bucks! God is all about second chances. Listening to Him is a daily journey…every day brings new opportunities. I was just rereading some of my second manuscript – Glimmers of Glory – I wrote about eyes having eyelids but …funny thing…Ears DON’t have “lids” or a way to close them…I think it is because God always want you and me to hear!


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