Eyes have lids…Ears don’t!

Eyes have lids so that you can close them. Ears don’t! Hi! My name is Lisa Wilt, author of Windows of Wonder with a one-minute WOW Word to lighten your load! Even though ears don’t have lids, our kids can sure close them. Truth be known, I’m God’s child and I can close my ears to Him. But this morning, I heard Him loud and clear on my phone. (I listen to a Bible ap when I exercise.) Today’s Proverb hit home because I needed a pick-me-up! “Joyful are those who listen to me.” That’s six words that put bounce back in my step. “Joyful are those who listen to me.” If you need more JOY, then find ways to listen to God. This radio station helps me hear God! Spending time in nature does too. No matter where we are, we can listen to God. After all, our ears don’t have lids!

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