Three hard things to say…

The three hardest things to say are “I was wrong.” “I need help.” And…“Worce-ster-shire Sauce” Hi! My name is Lisa Wilt, author of Windows of Wonder with a one-minute WOW Word to lighten your load. When we break words down, they’re easier to pronounce. Worce-ster-shire. It’s just three syllables…yet sometimes it comes out as 5 “War-chest-er-shire.” As hard as it is to say, I find it’s even harder to say that I was wrong and that I need help. When we’re afraid and our world is crumbling… Proverbs 18 promises us: “The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run into it… and are safe.” So next time you need help, call out to Jesus. His name is easy to pronounce. Sometimes I pray it over and over, when no other words help. Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. There is power in His name!

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