You’re Invited To The Table named “#1 New Release” by Amazon in two categories!

The Illumination Book Awards are designed to honor the year’s best new titles written & published with a Christian worldview. Windows of Wonder won GOLD and Glimmers of Glory, Diamonds In Our Days, You’re Invited To The Table each won SILVER.

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5 Star Reviews for Books

5 out of 5 stars A terrific read for anyone wanting to feel the real meaning of life.

Few, very few feelings of true wonder do we actually acknowledge as moments of wonder and rejoice about them. Lisa Wilt has written a fabulous book reminding us that wonder is all around us in our daily lives. Those that see all the wonder, know it comes from the hand of God. This book will remind you daily of how blessed we are to be children of a God that can save us, teach us and show us moments of wonder when we least expect it. A terrific read for anyone wanting to feel the real meaning of life.

–Jerry Acuff President and CEO of Delta Point and Best Selling Author of The Relationship Edge.

“Windows of Wonder left me full of hope. I loved the journey with the author, as she led me through a relatable life. Through her eyes, I am reminded to slow down and recognize the hand of God in all we do. I was reassured by her scripture woven in,to help me realize God is always present. If you are like me, and need to slow down and learn to experience the joy in the little things, the one’s that matter most in our lives,pick up this book. You will enjoy the fresh journey. I hope it will lift you, as it did me.”

5.0 out of 5 stars. This book is hard to put down.

“It is an easy read — refreshing to the soul and yet challenging. It makes me giggle and some parts brings tears to my eyes. Discovering the character of God in everything….Lisa puts life into perspective and opens up the mind and soul to see God in new and different ways. If you have questions about God, who He is, or if He exists… this is a MUST READ.”

“For those of us who feel like our life resembles the spin cycle on our washing machines, this book is so uplifting! I agree with Lisa…it is “a Mount Rushmore-sized challenge to rush less”…to slow down enough to experience W.O.W. moments that “God sandwiches between dirty dishes and dirty socks.” This book is filled with encouragement! A perfect gift for any woman, wife or mom.”

“A MUST READ! I loved the Wonder-Full and Wonder-Filled messages presented in this book. The author shared such lovely vignettes to illustrate her point. The journey forward at the end of each story has excellent suggestions so that we might find our own Windows of Wonder. Well done!”

“Being a practical person, I tend to overlook WOW moments – I just don’t see them. This book taught me to slow down and to appreciate the little moments in life that are meaningful and God-filled. Highly, highly recommend particularly to Moms who are so rushed in life and need to be reminded that there are indeed powerful moments and lessons in the seemingly mundane. Would make a great gift.”
“Lisa’s servant’s heart shines in Windows of Wonder. She takes you on a Daily Faith Journey that reminds you there are so many wonderful moments in our lives to be WOWED by!”

—Gail Carlock President and CEO Heartwork Inspires and a Zig Ziglar Certified Speaker