Radio-W.O.W. Words

I Hear YOU!
Fences and Forgiveness
Hospitals & Hospitality
Prayer Hot Line
Two Ounce Tongues
Running on the Worry Treadmill
40 Day Journey to Kindness
The Purpose of Life
Kiley’s Courage & Healing Hope
“Fear Not” Kiley fights brain cancer bravely with Jesus!
Imperfect Lives
Changing the World
Faith, Light & Darkness
When FEAR Rings your DOORBELL
God’s Hands
Make of Living & a Life
Sales & Life
A Mt. Rushmore-sized Challenge to Rush Less

Poison Ivy

Love, Sin & Setbacks
Keyboards and Lives

Worcestershire & Jesus

Ears Don’t Have Lids

Your “Forever Stamp”

Simon Says
Gerber’s Strained Peas

Yabba Dabba Doo

Silk & Steel

Zacchaeus was “SHORT”
“No Free Lunch”

Ears Don’t Have Lids

Spatulas and Spats

Weeds of Worry

Tears and Fears

Swimming Lessons and Fears

Hearts and Staffs
“Shaker & Mover”!

When life gives you lemons…make Lemon Meringue Pie!

F.E.A.R.-Face Everything And Rise!
Let’s be F.A.T. together

When clinging to the wire, who do you call?

Stains & Forgiveness

Brownies, Revenge and Refuge

What Color is Grace?

What I Learned from Skinny Jeans

Roses and Thorns

Romance and Donuts

Prodigal or Prodigy

Jelly Beans or Jelly Bellies?

Ever Feel Frozen or Stuck?

What I Learned from an Etch a Sketch

Enemies and Stamps

What I Learned from a Cruddy Old Cold

Who’s the Most Admired Person In the World?

Hope Oxygenates Your Soul

Hopeful to Hopeless

When Your Phone’s Facial Recognition Can’t Identify You

My Guilty Pleasure


Faith and Popcorn

Laundry and Love

The Dust of Comparison

Big Heavy Boxes

Lawns and Lives

Balloons & Faith

Donuts & Intimacy

Chocolate Stars

Cause to Pause

Cinderella and Esther

M & M’s

More Than Enough

Not All Light Is Visible

Arms & Legs

Cantaloupes & Envelopes

My Crisper Drawer & My Life

Dirty Dishes & Dirty Socks

Do you “Do Windows”?

A Glass Half Full Better than Totally Full?

A Dumbfounding Pair

The Little Engine that Could

In Control?

Wonder Woman

Rainbows & Faith

My Fridge & My Life

Lukewarm Lopsided Love

What I Learned from

Billiard Balls & Easter Eggs

Restless Legs & Minds

Vitamans & Jewelry

The Tenderizer

Show & Tell

Shiny Pennies & a Shining Example

Your Worst School Picture

Donuts with Sprinkles

Captain Crunch

Salt makes everything yummier!
Beauty & God’s Fridge
Broken Baby Jesus
Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh
Hurry & Worry
“We HOPE you a Merry CHRISTMAS”
Kisses for Baby Jesus
Meek and Weak
To Hurt-To Help