Radio-W.O.W. Words


“1 minute W.O.W. Words to lighten your load” feature Lisa and are produced and aired by Life 88.5. They can be heard over the lunch hour about 12:20 Monday thru Saturday and again at bedtime about 11:20. The W.O.W. Words are taken from Lisa’s books. Tune into to become a Wonder Woman-a woman who looks to God for Wonder!

Hope Oxygenates Your Soul
Hopeful to Hopeless
When Your Phone’s Facial Recognition Can’t Identify You
My Guilty Pleasure
Faith and Popcorn
Laundry and Love
The Dust of Comparison
Going the Extra Mile
Big Heavy Boxes
Lawns and Lives
Balloons & Faith
Donuts & Intimacy
Chocolate Stars
Cause to Pause
Cinderella and Esther
M & M’s
More Than Enough
Stains & Forgiveness
Not All Light Is Visible
Arms & Legs
Cantaloupes & Envelopes
My Crisper Drawer & My Life
Dirty Dishes & Dirty Socks
Do you “Do Windows”?
A Glass Half Full Better than Totally Full?
A Dumbfounding Pair
The Little Engine that Could
In Control?
Wonder Woman
Rainbows & Faith
My Fridge & My Life
Lukewarm Lopsided Love
Nose Hair
Billiard Balls & Easter Eggs
Restless Legs & Minds
Vitamans & Pants
The Tenderizer
Show & Tell
Shiny Pennies & a Shining Example
Your Worst School Picture?
Donuts with Sprinkles
Captain Crunch