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Resting not Running on the Worry Treadmill
Finding Your Purpose For Life
Finding Forgiveness
Achieving Your “Bucket” List?
Work and Worship
A Serenity Prayer For You
Need A Prayer Hot Line
When FEAR Rings your DOORBELL
Loosing Weight…Ugh!
40 Day Journey to Kindness
Kiley’s Courage & Healing Hope
“Fear Not” Kiley Fights Brain Cancer Bravely with Jesus!
Perfectly Loved
When You’re In A Dark Place
You Can Change the World
Filled with Faith Not Fear
Staying Healthy: Influenza & “Affluenza”
In God’s Hands
Making a Living & a Life
Loving Sales & Life
Your Mt. Rushmore-sized Challenge to Rush Less
Weedy Worry That Chokes Us
Love, Setbacks & Sin
Rush Less & Rest More
Keyboards and Lives
You, Worcestershire Sauce & Jesus
Ears Don’t Have Lids To Close
Making Your “Forever Stamp” on the World
God Isn’t Trying To Trip You Up
Heaven, Fudge Topping or Strained Peas?!?!?
YOU and Yabba Dabba Doo?
Becoming Like Silk That Is Soft Yet Stronger Than Steel
Jesus Sees What You Can Become!
Want a “Free Lunch”?!?
Ears Don’t Have Lids To Close
What To Do With Spatulas and Spats

Pulling Weeds of Worry From Your Life

God Will Take Your Tears and Fears

Swimming Lessons and Fears

God Protects You & Loves You
Becoming a “Shaker & Mover”!

When Life Gives You Lemons…Make Lemon Meringue Pie!

F.E.A.R.- Face Everything And Rise!
Let’s be F.A.T. Together

When Hanging On By A Thread, Who Do You Call?

Getting Rid of Stains of Un-Forgiveness

What Do You Like Best: Brownies, Revenge or Refuge?

When Grace Colors Your Life

Jeans That Make You Feel Good

How to See More Rose and Less Thorns

Yummy Romance and Donuts

Being a Prodigal Turned Prodigy?

Jelly Beans, Jelly Bellies and an Authentic You

Ever Feel Frozen or Stuck?

Etch a Sketch Life Lessons

How Do We Love Our Enemies?

Needing Healing Hope?

Who’s the Most Admired Person In the World?

Hope Oxygenates Your Soul

Moving From Hopeless To Hopeful
When Your Phone’s Facial Recognition Can’t Identify You

Guilty Pleasures

What Your Foot Falling Asleep Can Do For You

Your Faith Can Be Like Popcorn
Love Lasts Forever: Laundry Only Seems To
Cleaning Out the Dust of Comparison

Setting Down Big Heavy Burdens

Lessons from Lawns For Our Lives

Lessons From Balloons To Strengthen Your Faith

Craving Donuts & Intimacy?!

Yummy Chocolate Stars: Remembering Loved Ones

Cause to Pause: Leaving Your Prayers At The Wailing Wall

You, Cinderella and Esther
M & M’s Life Lesson

Your Two Goldfish Crackers Are More Than Enough For God
Invisible Light Making a Visible Difference

I Would Give An Arm & A Leg for _____________?

You May Be Imperfect But You Are Perfectly Loved

Lessons on Life from Your Crisper Drawer

God Will Meet You Between Dirty Dishes & Dirty Socks

Seeing Big Joy in Little Wonders: Cleaning Your Soul’s Windows

When Might A Glass Half Full Be Best?

Lessons Learned from Shoes: A Dumbfounding Pair
Your Story & The Little Engine that Could

We All Want To Feel “In Control”

Becoming a “Wonder Woman” God’s Way

Becoming Beautiful Like A Rainbow

Looking For Something Yummy In Your Fridge & Your Life?

Simplifying Life’s Loves

God Loves You From The Hair On Your Head To The Hair On Your Toes!

Feeling Lost?

Trying to Rest with Restless Legs & Minds

Are You Hungry?

God Is Tender Hearted Toward You

You Can Show & Tell

Leaving Your Legacy

Your Worst School Picture

Sprinkle Your Life with Colorful Joy

Feeling Crunched?

Your Life Tastes Great!
You are God’s Child: Your Picture On His Fridge
Jesus Understands Brokenness
Your Greatest Gift
No Hurry & No Worry
“We HOPE you a Merry CHRISTMAS”
Becoming Bold Like A Child
Becoming More Like Jesus
Becoming a Faithful Warrior Not a Fearful Worrier