Would you like to be a “contributing author” for Delight Drizzled Days to be released in 2020?

Have you experienced your own W.O.W. GOD MOMENTS?  The response to Windows of Wonder is overwhelmingly positive. When reading Amazon reviews, it became obvious to Lisa that many of her friends were excellent writers themselves. She already knew they were W.O.W. Women/Men of God, so she decided to extend to them an opportunity to share their W.O.W. GOD MOMENTS!

If you are interested in submitting a W.O.W GOD STORY for consideration, these are the steps that Lisa suggests:

  • To get an idea of the format/content, read Windows of Wonder. Each chapter/story is 3-6 pages (800-1,300 words) with 3 sections: the story, the Scripture lesson and “The Journey Forward.”
  • Read the Amazon reviews to better understand what is most meaningful to readers…please leave a review on what you found most uplifing yourself.
  • Submit the story to Lisa for consideration using the “Contact Lisa” tab on this website. She will reach back to you acknowledging she has received your submission.